Traditional Waterworks billing software

Our Traditional PC Based software

Some people don’t like change which is good because we are still supporting the locally installed product. Truth be known we have 1 or 2 customers still on our DOS product from 1990’s. Quietly we know they will change one day.

Software Features

•Check and Balance feature for accurate payment entry
•Fast, keystroke saving, streamlined payment entry
•Fast, error checking, streamlined meter reading entry
•Unlimited notes on an Account
•Unlimited notes on a Customer
•Unlimited notes on a Meter/Tap
•User defined rate tables
•Percentage or Flat Rate Penalty
•Estimate meter readings
•Durable Meter / Tap records avoid entry of duplicate meter information for successive occupants
•Accurate and overall balanced allocation of charges, payments, and adjustments between various services avoids “intermingling of funds” and answers the question “How much of that payment (or deposit) is water and how much is sewer?”
•Many reports can export to Excel
•Attach documents to any customer
•Interface with accounting systems, cash or accrual basis.
•Interfaces with Auto-Read Meter Systems
•Interfaces with hand held meter readers.
•Security, Users and Passwords (and transactions, who did what?)
•Streamlined look up by Account, Name, or Meter Book and Sequence
•Detailed look up by most any criteria
•Unlimited User Training and Help available to all user members

Special Features

•Tap Listing – A complete listing of all your taps (meters) whether they are active or inactive. Excellent for checking the availability of meters, or if you handle an area of service. The NotePad feature in this window enables you to print a report particular to your needs.
•Historical Reports – Reports such as Director’s Report, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Sales Tax, Adjustments, New and Disconnects, and payment batches are available on a historical basis. Access any one of these by simply selecting the month you wish to see.
•Back Up To LMS Server – Back up to our Secure Server and protect your data.
•Multiple Accounts Report – Report for multiple accounts to the same customer.
•Account Status –Accounts can be designated as Active, Inactive or Bad Debt for easier account management.
•Easy Adjustments – Hassle free adjustments! Simply apply the adjustment exactly where you want it. Whether you adjust by a particular amount, or make the balance zero.
•Penalty Calculations – Encourages customers to pay the full bill. Penalties can be calculated by percentage of the current balance, 30-60 days, 60-90 days, or the total balance due. Flat rate penalties are also available. Penalties can be calculated, and uncalculated at any time. This can prevent penalties against business’ that pay reliably, but after your due date.
•Help Feature – Our new “Help” feature will assist you in navigating the system. Questions answered such as “What is this, and how do I use it?’ will eliminate the hold up on your work flow, by answering your questions quickly and without calls. A table of contents, and an index by key words will quickly access needed information.
•Export -Many reports can now be exported to Excel. Look for the Export button at the top of many reports.
•Documents -Saved documents can be attached to any customer.
•More Naming Capacity on Rates- Two additional names for rates can now be added on to your bills and reports. Formerly listed as “Other 1 & Other 2”, now the rates can be identified by actual name..
•Printable Manual – PDF manual available from embedded Help File


•Detailed and summary figures for usage and charges
•Provide detailed and summary figures for last bill, payments, adjustments, total charges, & balance
•Allow you to detect possible errors before you mail the bills
•Provide detailed or Summary figures on how many accounts are set for each rate
•Provide detailed and summary figures for all payments
•Provide detailed and summary figures for the audit
•Provide detailed and summary figures annual and quarterly reports
•Provide detailed and summary figures for the sales tax form
•Provide detailed and summary figures for all the other regulatory agency forms
•Any payment or payment batch, any month, summary or detailed
•Payment allocation report, any month, summary or detailed
•Deposit (bank) Report
•Meter Reading Report
•Abnormal Meter Reading Report
•Usage reports for rate studies
•Aged Accounts Receivable
•Current Balances
•Penalty Report
•Shut offs & Delinquents Report
•Deposit (security) Report
•Sales Tax Report
•Annual & Quarterly Reports
•Adjustments Report, Summary or detailed
•Disconnects, New Connects and Meter changes (Swap)
•Multiple Accounts Report
•Landlord Report
•Billing Report – detailed and summary figures for usage and charges for up to 8 services
•A/R Report – detailed and summary figures for last bill, payments, adjustments, total charges, & balance
•Director’s Report – a one-page summary of all utility billing transactions and activities for the month. An excellent summary report for Board meetings: Water Efficiency, Connections, and Accounts Receivable.

Customer Statements, Notices, and Labels

•Print an up-to-date statement for an account at any time.
•United States Postal Service approved post card statements
•Regular letter size statement format option
•Delinquent Notices, custom text and selective inclusion
•Shut Off Notices, custom text and selective inclusion
•Mailing Labels in alpha, zip code or Carrier Route order
Labels by Book and Sequence of meter reading order

Companion Products

Existing customers on the workstation software optioned up companion products

Auto Meter Read Interface

This module interfaces with automated meter reading devices. At present we have interfaced with Badger, DAP, EZ-Reader, Hersey, Neptune, Sensus, Itron, Master Meter, AMR, Infiniti and MV-RS.

Quick Books Interface

This module interfaces WaterWorks to Quick Books, or Cougar Mtn. and makes your entries for you. Imported entry saves your valuable time, and prevents error.

Bank Drafting/Direct Pay

Reduce your data entry time, and possibility of error with automatic bank drafting. This module creates a list of customers to be drafted, and an ACH file for the bank in any format they need. WaterWorks posts all draft payments as a batch that is automatically keyed for you.

Maintenance contracts

Features your Support and Maintenance Contract offers:

Unlimited Phone Support – A current maintenance contract allows you unlimited phone support and training via 800-227-5128. Our goal is to provide you with software that is simple, easy to use, and trouble free but the added security of unlimited phone support is extremely valuable should you have a computer breakdown, hire new operators, or receive new regulations.

Investment Protection- With your paid annual Contract, we are available to handle your system changes. You will continue to have the best utility billing software that will remain current to your systems expanding needs.

Software Updates- Your maintenance contract provides access to all updates so that you always have the most current features.

The Companion Products, if purchased, will have their own maintenance pricing

GoBtween, Auto Meter Reading Interface_________________$400 annually
Quick Books Interface:_________________________________$450 annually
Bank Drafting:_________________________________________$200 annually
Additional user licenses, or Multiple companies:_______$300 annually