Over 200 Water Utilities depend on Waterworks everyday

Learn why so many utilities are moving to the cloud and why you can't afford not to.

Unlimited Rates

Our rating is one of the most capable in the utilities market, not only do we do water but we also provide electricity rating, Gas rating, Sewer rating and a full suite of telecommunications rating methods.

You name it we can rate it !

Beautiful Invoices out of the box

Customer Invoices for their Utilities bills are a key communication channel, Our invoices are sweet as cherries and we constantly introduce new bill formats giving you the freedom of choice and the ability to change. We provide HTML billing which is completely configurable to your needs.

Provide your Customer Self Sign up

So your customers don’t really want to talk to you, They want to sign up on line over the mobile phone or their Macbook or PC at their convenience. Does your provider give you beautiful portals and mobile apps ?

It is time to change to Waterworks

Integrate multiple payment types

As a Utility collecting the money is vital.

Waterworks new payment integration enables PAYPAL, Direct debit from AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD and bank accounts means you get paid quicker. This means less time spent calling customers and awkwardly having to ask them to pay you.

Simplified Payment Allocations

With Waterworks your Payment Allocation is simple, When manually accepting payments allocate according to the service type. If payment is an exact match it will auto allocate, if not you will have the ability to select your allocations in line with your internal business rules.

iPhone Meter Reading Application

Now your meter readers can throw away their $4000 hand held meter readers. The new app enables your guys to collect the readings on an iPhone, iPad Mini and Ipad. Simply install the app, login download walk order, enter meter readings and upload. Job Done !

Time to be a hero in your business ? Tell the boss its time for Waterworks !

Unlimited Users, Unlimited Customers, Unlimited invoices

Waterworks Water Utility billing system is in the cloud and that means the service is elastic, your Servers RAM, CPU, Hard Disk grows as you do. Customers can have one meter or a thousand meters and associated usage. We grow and scale as you do – on the fly instead of calling your IT Guy!

Simple bill run processing

Waterworks water billing platform has a very cool, easy to understand bill run interface. Infact you can complete your monthly process very promptly and go back about your business.

Once your meter readings are uploaded (automatically or manually loaded) it takes just 3 easy steps to complete the bill run process and view your bills and reports before committing

Works on Many devices

If you use a Macbook or and iPad your in luck. This cloud based water billing platform is designed with you in mind. We have optimised our system for Mac and PC meaning anyone on safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla will have a beautiful experience.

World Class Customer Support

Review one of over 30 customer references to see the customer service we have offered for over 25 years is second to none. Contact us now for a swag of solid references from very happy and long term customers.

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