Waterworks looks great on all devices

Waterworks is optimised for MAC and PC so you can enjoy running your business on the same devices that you use at home. In fact many do their bill runs from home to avoid distractions in the office. Can your current bill runs be executed over the web in real time ?

Import from your existing system

Importing form your existing system is really easy !

We provide you some generic import tools which will enable you to import Customer data, meter data, usage information and customer balances. With these tools the transition from your existing provider becomes much easier. Whats more if you find it too much like hard work we can complete it for you.

Running in 10 minutes

Get started now !

It will take just 10 minutes to get started. We can guide you through the process or you can do it your self !

We provide sample bill formats and sample reminders along with default reminder rules to be emailed or sms’d for Soft Reminders, hard reminders and disconnection notices. So easy with Waterworks

Extremely Customizable

So if you are like most of our customers from around the world you have some pretty specific requirements about what you put on your bill and how it is presented to the customer. We have you covered. With HTML bills and reminders you are only limited by your imagination. Yet if you are not an html designer we give you templates that just need your company logo and contact information.. Try us now !

Appear much larger than you are !

With the waterworks cloud based billing solution you will look far bigger than you actually are. Your customers will think you have a massive department dedicated to the design and presentation of your bills and a dedicated floor for billing experts.

Put your best foot forward and impress your customers with leading edge technologies for a fraction of the normal costs others pay.

Try it now !