Meet the team that turns ideas into reality

We are a team focused on improving your customer experience

User Experience

More than ever we focus our development on providing a system that is pleasing on the eye and functionality that applies the principles of common sense. This means new starters get up and running very quickly thanks to intuitive design – an element we are very passionate about.

Implementation Strategy

Joining Waterworks and importing your existing customer data is very straight forward. We have a number of great import tools which simplify the process of transitioning. Furthermore should you decide you’d like our help we can project manage this import and test process for you. We have a support team on the ready for you.

Web and Mobile Development

Your customers now demand access to their data online. Waterworks provides a number of ways to enable customers access to view their usage, pay their bills and complete all the highly repetitive tasks that many still do manually or over the phone. A key strategy in 2015 is focusing on the customer engagement and further simplifying the customer Self help portal and mobile offering

Invoice Design

With the introduction of HTML bills we now offer a wide range of creative invoices for you to distribute to your customers. Given the fact invoices are the most common way you will interact with your customer, this is becoming increasingly valuable. html and PDF bills send by email don’t cost anything to send to your customers, so you don’t have to worry about the size and presentation that has surrounded the Postcard style bills traditionally. This allows for high featured bills with beautiful analytics

Our Partners

Meet the amazing leaders of our business

Waterworks now has over 50 Staff. Our team is growing as is our loyal customer base of over 200 Utilities. Some of our key staff include;

Terri Lawrence

Operations Manager

Terri has been with WaterworksLMS for over 10 years and she oversees the firm’s business operations including sales, marketing, business development, and communications. Highly capable and Highly Passionate Terri loves talking to our customers. Over the years she has developed strong relationships and is a big part of the reason that customers never leave. Many customers have been with us for over 10 years and some have been for over 20.

Weng Buhawe

Cloud Billing Platform owner

Weng is the lead on the Water Billing cloud product, our most recent release. She manages a team of developers who implement strategic changes to the system as well as developing new integrations with third party metering and SCADA systems.

Morgan Duncan


Committed to innovation and lowering barriers to entry Morgans Career in Utilities spans 20years. Following the successful Launch of a start up Telcoinabox now ASX listed ticker IAB. Morgan went on to Co-found Utilibill Australia’s leading cloud based Multi Tenant, Multi Level Billing platform for telco and Utilities. Over 200 retail brands run their billing on Utilibill. In 2015 took an active role in the Waterworks business as John Brown steps back to take a less active role.

John A Brown


John Founded the business in 1986 and has driven the business as a startup through to what it is today with close to 200 active utilities on the platform. These days John takes a less active role in the day to day business but leads Waterworks interest in the MeterPhone product and still can be found in a corner of the office behind some big monitors programming core changes to the traditional non cloud product set.