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Free or Paid version in the cloud

Use Waterworks to build a better water business

Many manual processes make the water business a very challenging game. The move to Waterworks in the cloud will see you automate so many of your tasks that today are manual. Invoices, reminders and even payments can run while you sleep

Complete billing

One stop shop that does everything for you and your team. Letting you focus on your other day to day tasks

Bulk invoice generation

Email bills in one run, PDF bills directly to your customers, SMS we do it all , For those still using post cards we can supply these too

Excellent Support

Our support team work around the clock, If you’re a new team member or you need a hand, rest assured we are here any time !

Waterworks is only a few dollars a month so your boss will be happy too !
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Waterworks Features:

Powerful CRM

Find and keep track of your customers , your meters and your payments in one convenient location accessible over the internet and on your browser. Get to know your customers better.

Collect your Money fast !

Water Utilities have a checked past of poor collections. Our best utility reports between 95-95% collection rate thanks to good practices and using the Waterworks system.

Excellent Customer Service

Improve your customer Service with all your information right at hand. When a customer calls in and is validated turn them over quickly with great customer service.

PC , Mac, iPad or any browser

Cloud Based you can run this on any browser, any where – take back your life after hours. Our PC based version of Waterworks remains supported if you’re Cloudphobic

Customer Portal

Let new customers sign up on line , view and pay bills and much more. Ultimately reducing calls in to your call centre or helpdesk making your business more efficient. Great way to reduce call queues and impress your board of directors at month end

Email your bills to customers

Email your customised bills, reminders and collections notices automatically.. we do the thinking for you. For those using the local installation product we provide a wide array of paper for your printing needs including postcard formats


Waterworks, you have changed my life, I leave the office on time even during bill run days now as the system does much of the work for me.
Kim Smith Satisfied Customer
Customers can now sign up online and our call centre has more time to do other tasks like collections calls :)
John Williams Satisfied Customer
Thanks Waterworks for aiding a super smooth transition to the cloud. We were very scared to leave a PC installed system but now we could never look back.. Faster, easier cleaner and we can work from anywhere in the world..
Liz James Satisfied Customer
Ready to be a hero in front of your boss and the Board of directors ?
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Not ready for the Cloud ? Maybe no internet connectivity ?

Waterworks support the previous PC version !

It works on Windows XP, Windows 2008 & Windows 8